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Bakeries and ice-cream manufacturers:

ABC transporters (ammonium bicarbonate, baker’s ammonia)
Artificial honey
Baking powder Medina
Baking powder phosphate-free
Baking powder, cream of tartar
Blossom honey
Bread seasoning (SABA bread seasoning from in-house production)
Caramel color
Caramel color
Caramel syrup
Corn starch
Cream powder 42%
Cream powder Saba with vanilla flavor
Dextrose (grape sugar)
Dietary fiber
Dry glucose
Fructose crystallized
Fructose syrup 70%
Fruit acid 1:1
GDL (glucon delta lacton)
Glucose syrup
Hen egg yolk powder, egg white powder, whole egg powder
High-fructose corn syrup
Invert sugar cream
Invert sugar syrup
Juice binder
Milk caramel powder
Milk sugar
Nutriose (dietary fiber)
Pea protein (Nutralys)
Potassium carbonate
Potato powder (potato starch)
Potato starch
Potato starch flour
Skim milk powder, spray dried
Sodium acid pyrophosphate 64% SAPP 28
Sodium bicarbonate
Sorbic acid
Sorbitol crystallized
Sorbitol solution 70%
Spices (aniseed, fennel, caraway, cinnamon etc.)
Spices, SABA for gingerbread, speculaas, honey cookies, cookies, pfeffernüsse, printen
Sugar beet molasses
Vanilla beans, Bourbon
Vanilla sugar, SABA with 5% genuine Bourbon vanilla
Vanilla, ground, genuine Bourbon
Vanillin sugar, SABA, 1% nature-identical flavoring agent
Wheat gluten
Wheat starch 1A
Whole milk powder, spray dried 26%

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