GUAMPA: The first drink in the world exclusively sweetened with Real Stevia™.

GUAMPA: The first drink in the world exclusively sweetened with Real Stevia™. 

A new generation of Energy Drinks.

GUAMPA Refreshing Energy is an energy drink which completely avoids the use of taurine and sugar as ingredients, for a fresh, new taste exclusively sweetened by Real Stevia™ from Paraguay.

Guampa Energydrink

Together with our longstanding Partner Real Stevia™, we decided to start a completely new project. Our special energy drink is grounded on a solid partnership.

We donate 1 cent per every sold can to a foundation supporting local farmers in Paraguay, so that they may sustainably farm Stevia plants. Together with our GUAMPA Refreshing Energy partners, we are very proud of producing a tasty, sugar-free and sustainable alternative to the usual energy drinks you can find on the market! 

1 cent for each purchased GUAMPA can goes to the foundation “Fundación Granular” through our Partner Real Stevia™. Their objective is to support the local economy in Paraguay by encouraging the farming of Stevia through free training and formation programs, in order to develop cooperation amongst farmers to spread the cultivation of healthy Stevia rather than other crops.

Website: Guampa Energy


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