What is kosher_Kosher_Zert?

Kosher in the Jewish Faith

The Jewish dietary laws, the kashrut, divide foods into “kosher” foods that are permitted for consumption and “non-kosher” foods that are not permitted for consumption. In this country the term “kosher” is often used as a synonym for “perfect” or “harmless”.

Under the Kashrut, the following are essential:

  • division of permitted and non-permitted animals
  • the separation into meaty, milky and neutral “parve” foods
  • specific guidelines for food production
  • the prohibition to ingest blood

The following is prohibited:

  • To prepare or eat meaty and milky foods together
  • Consume parve with meat AND milk

The following is mandated:

  • Containers and dishes containing meat or milk must be visually separated from each other
  • Milky or meaty meals must be taken at different times

These dietary laws are strictly adhered to, especially in Orthodox Judaism. Foods that do not meet the specified purity level are considered non-kosher. These include milk and cheese from animal rennet, foods that contain meat or small amounts of meat additives, ingredients made from insects and alcohol obtained from grapes. A kosher life goes beyond eating. So all things that are made according to the religious law “Halacha” are also considered “kosher”. A person who leads a life in accordance with Jewish religious doctrine is called “kosher”.

Kosher as a guarantee for food safety

The labeling of food with the kosher seal is becoming increasingly important even without a religious background. More and more people who are not strictly religious or non-believers prefer kosher products because of their special purity for the body. Kosher products are also suitable for those with lactose intolerance and a diet that is 100% free from animal additives.

(Source:; 23.02.2020.)

To ensure the “kosher quality” of the specially filled and packaged liquid product groups sold by Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH (see certificate), the filling process at both locations in Nuremberg and Drage was successfully carried out by KC – International Certification e.K. (MAOR HAKASHRUT) certified.