Your new partner for RSPO certified palm oil Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH as RSPO member

Your new partner for RSPO certified palm oil
Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH as RSPO member

Palm oil as important source

Palm oil is used in many products, from margarine and sweets to cosmetics, fuel for cars and power plants. Palm oil is one of the most important oil sources, because of its great cooking properties, it gives products a creamy texture, absence of smell, has a natural preservative effect and last but not least it’s very efficient.

Sustainability and palm oil with RSPO, aims and advantages

The “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” Organization – widely known as RSPO – was founded by the organization WWF in 2004.

According to WWF, the minimum requirements include:

  • no clearing of forests, which are of special protection
  • Protection of endangered animal and plant species on the plantation
  • Protection of water, soil and air
  • Compliance with legal regulations, including land use and property rights
  • no child labor, but educational opportunities for the children living on the plantation
  • Integration and promotion of small farmers
  • Control of the plantations by independent, authorized inspectors

The organization “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” has various strategies in promoting sustainable palm oil that are expected to improve the life of oil palm farmers, create a more prosperous palm oil industry, and to better conserve our planet and its resources as long-term outcomes.

RSPO is currently the most important certification for palm oil: According to its own information, 19 percent of the world’s palm oil production and 2.9 million hectares of cultivated area are RSPO-certified.

RSPO member

Since we – the Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH – particularly care about sustainability and environmental issues, we decided to become a Supply Chain Associate member of RSPO and our application was submitted in August 2020.

Please check out our progress at

Distributor license with new opportunities and great possibilities

After receiving the “Distributor’ License” we are now participating in the RSPO certified oil palm supply chain. Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH is now allowed to buy, to store RSPO certified products in Nürnberg and Drage and to sell them to interested customers.

Please contact us for more information – we are happy to find a suitable product for you.