“GMP + FSA” Certification

“Companies with the “GMP + FSA” certificate prove that they meet all requirements and conditions with regard to ensuring feed safety. FSA stands for “Feed Safety Assurance”.

With well over 18,000 GMP + FSA certified companies, it is the largest module within the GMP + certification system. GMP + FSA comprises standards for all links in the chain. Certified companies are audited by independent institutions approved by GMP + International, the so-called certification bodies.

Over the course of the years, the FSA module has become more and more professional. Among other things, ISO-9001, HACCP, limit values ​​for feed safety, traceability, monitoring, a program with basic conditions, the chain approach and the Early Warning System (EWS) have been integrated into the “GMP + FSA” module. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, the “GMP + FSA” certificate functions in practice as a kind of sales authorization in more and more countries.


The Certificate

Although GMP + International intends FSA exclusively as a risk management tool, a certificate also helps companies increase sales and open up new markets. The chain approach is a stable, important basis for safe feed: it ensures to a large extent that all links in the chain guarantee quality assurance for feed and services in a uniform and transparent manner. However, due to the independent certification, the customer also assumes his own responsibility.

The unique chain approach of GMP + International combines the best of both worlds: individual and joint responsibility. If every link in the chain is committed to feed safety, we will work together to ensure a safe market. The chain approach also offers companies the opportunity to expand their business to new regions. ” (Source:; as of November 20, 2020).

In order to be part of this chain, Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH has been certified under registration number GMP053748 for the standard GMP + B3 trade, collection, storage & transhipment in the application area trade of feed (straight feed, compound feed, additives, premixes) and is therefore authorized to trade “GMP + FSA” -assured feed.

With registration in the QS database, Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH also received the authorization to deliver “GMP + FSA” -assured goods to participants in the QS scheme.

The delivery authorization was granted for Ferdinand Kreutzer-Sabamühle GmbH for the production type (76) trade (feed) and the registration in the QS database with the location number F00013473 and the QS ID 4953113192581.